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La carne rossa fa male?

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Il consumo di carne rossa è legato ad un maggiore rischio di morte per nove diverse cause come ad esempio tumori o ictus.

Il consumo di carni bianche e di pesce sembrerebbe invece ridurre il rischio di morte per varie cause.

Lo ha rivelato una ricerca condotta da Arash Etemadi, epidemiologo presso il National Cancer Institute di Bethesda, e pubblicata sul British Medical Journal.

Durante lo studio gli esperti hanno seguito per 16 anni lo stato di salute di ben 536.969 persone di età compresa tra 50-71 anni. Tramite dei questionari alimentari hanno stabilito cosa mangiasse e quanto spesso ciascun partecipante, poi hanno registrato tutti i decessi intercorsi nel tempo e le cause.

È emerso che coloro che mangiavano più carne rossa avevano un rischio di morte maggiore del 26% rispetto a coloro che ne mangiavano meno, indipendentemente dal tipo di carne rossa consumata.

L’aumento del rischio di morire è associato in particolar modo a cancro, problemi cardiaci, malattie respiratorie, ictus, diabete, infezioni, Alzheimer, malattie di reni e di fegato ed è probabilmente riconducibile a nitriti e nitrati in esse presenti, soprattutto in quelle molto lavorate come gli insaccati.
Consumare carni bianche e pesce è invece risultato legato a un rischio di morte inferiore del 25%.

Fonte: Ansa

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  29. I feel you, Candy. We are at the age when we see both ends of life – the youth of our kids and aging of our parents. It’s the way it’s supposed to be, but that doesn’t make it any easier. We do what we can and hope that love and support carries everyone through.

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  41. Hi Simone,thanks for your comment and you wouldn’t guess: I took this photo two weeks after we met at the Weimar workshop this July… lol.. :)Ok, I am the kind of person who goes to the hairdresser maybe every 3-4 month…. with this at least everyone notices that I went … hahaAnd when it comes to the German-English story: oh pls visit my next post as well! It will be again in 2 languages but also about my thoughts and questions what might the best way to handle this…

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  71. Correct. The typical Chavista voter (non-hardcore “Amor” lover) literally had to be taken/coerced/intimidated/threatened to the polls. “Increased consumption” in a country with 30-40% real inflation vs. 1/2 that in salary increase (for the lucky ones)–Si, Luis!!!

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  76. Karl, I hope you’re wrong about Doherty. Come and meet him at FDL tomorrow and see what you think. He sure has me persuaded. Blue America never backed Lampson and we smelled that pig in a poke a mile away. Doherty seems like a genuine populist. But I’d be interested to hear what you say after you’ve heard him at FDL tomorrow.

  77. Monika, first of all – tell Justyna that I think she is beautiful!! Secondly, please share how you positioned the reflector. Did you hold it yourself? The catchlights are amazing and I’m so impressed with the focus and clarity of these images in with backlight. You rock!

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  150. I love, love, love it!  We have nine children (plus 4 to meet in heaven).  Each one is somewhat like a piece of the puzzle of our lives we didn’t know we were missing until God sent them to us and the “puzzle” picture just grows more beautiful with that piece added.  I adore large, godly familes!  I am truly blessed beyond measure!

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  177. Shannon – Damn you and your incredibly talent Karen!!! Your pictures never fail to take my breath away! I sincerely hope you will agree to come to Perth and photograph my wedding . . . whenver that will be! xx

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