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Arriva SANIT dal 20 al 22 ottobre

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è una manifestazione nata nel 2004, a ingresso gratuito, rivolta a tutto il pubblico, dedicata alla prevenzione e alla promozione della salute, dell’attività fisica, della sana alimentazione e degli stili di vita salutari.

Tre giorni di sport, eventi e checkup per la Salute e il Benessere di tutto il corpo.



Un’area espositiva, a ingresso gratuito, mette in mostra prodotti e servizi del benessere e le novità nel campo dell’innovazione tecnologica nel settore



Aziende, enti, società scientifiche e associazioni partecipano mettendo  a disposizione di tutti checkup di prevenzione con personale medico, per verificare lo stato di salute del cuore, il rischio cardiovascolare e molti altri controlli di prevenzione.



Un interessante e gratuito programma di convegni e incontri permette agli interessati di informarsi, aggiornarsi  e acquisire crediti ECM.


Tutti i giorni i visitatori possono partecipare ai corsi di primo soccorso, rianimazione cardiopolmonare e disostruzione delle vie aeree del lattante adolescente e adulto, con rilascio dell’attestato di partecipazione.
Show cooking salutistici

Chef noti, affiancati da nutrizionisti esperti, effettuano ogni giorno show cooking salutistici con ricette dedicate al potenziamento energetico, alle intolleranze, alla prevenzione primaria, ecc.



Domenica 22 ottobre 2017, ultimo giorno di manifestazione, c’è Cardiorace, la corsa e la passeggiata dedicate alla salute del cuore, per sensibilizzare sull’importanza della prevenzione cardiovascolare, per contrastare la morte cardiaca improvvisa che colpisce circa 1.000 persone ogni anno.




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    Kære KirstenTak for din positive feedback. Tanken om flere varme retter er os bestemt ikke fremmed – det er kun et spørgsmÃ¥l om tid, før vi springer ud i det Venlig hilsenLotte Bjelka

  3. I have somewhat mixed emotions about this . Part of me wants McGuinty to squirm on this demonstating his continual incompetence, and part of me sees this as a test case for when the day comes that the PC’s go to tear up every single FIT contract. Even with a settlement,terms will be established and there will be a precedent set.

  4. #129 JoyceI will point that one out for the main reason of “criminal charges will not be filed”. For me that situation should be a mandatory manslaughter charge for the gun owner.That is my big worry. My kid going to a play date with unsecured guns in the house.

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  6. 30/08/2018 at 6:21

    good take on it, I concur. Dr. Walter Williams, one of my favs, nails the facts as well on the same topic, as he always does. The socialists/prog/leftists are using any and all “controversies” to stir up anxiety and division. Any excuse is used – class, racial, economic, religious, sex, etc. All issues are used to divide and conquer the american masses, while Obama (the fake president) and his fellow comrades destroy our country. He will not win BTW, we are onto them.

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  16. A lot of politicians and newscasters are gay. Same drama major qualities as actors: love attention, obsessed with how they look, dramatic speech and gestures, make-up, etc.

  17. Queroo Participaaar ! Queeroo muito ver os mlks do Strike vlh ! Ai sim meu céu vai ficar completo quando conhece-los ) Querooooooo muuito ganhar !

  18. Blaming shit on others is the fine works of the Democraps. When we Republicans do something wrong, We admit it and face the music for our own actions. When the Democraps do something wrong they blame it upon the Republicans and bask in the glory of the Republicans hard earned accomplishments and take all the credit for them selves.

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  20. Not to be rude (although I am LOL!) the new layout is fugly. Please bring back the old one 🙁 This is so unorganized looking, I have to click around to figure out the stats on my videos when they used to be there automatically, and the description boxes are working properly. Please, this is really terrible. Put the old one back :O

  21. 30/08/2018 at 22:07

    Alle de vakre bildene og de fine tekstene dine får meg til å savne Puerto Mogan noe helt voldsomt! Svigerfamilien min har leilighet der nede så jeg burde vel tatt meg en tur igjen. Var der sammen med min bedre halvdel i juni i fjor. Fantastisk plass! Rolig, behagelig og godt vær. Kunne ikke fått det bedre!Takk for at du deler dine opplevelser med oss! Klem Karina

  22. non funge. Purtroppo. Ed è il caso del kajal di cui vi racconto oggi, che avevo inserito nei prodotti bocciati di agosto… da allora ho fatto altri test, ma proprio non va e oggi vi spiego come

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  28. I think you’re totally justified in feeling how you do, but it sounds like the problem is your husband and it’s hard to change another person. I’d talk to him about it if you haven’t already, and if you’re that unhappy perhaps you should see if counseling would help.

  29. Tak Fru Green. Nu ved jeg, hvor jeg skal stÃ¥. Jeg kender udsigten, pÃ¥ dit billede, som er meget smukt :-)Det er flot, at du har indrammet møllerne, sÃ¥ jeg ved, hvor jeg skal kigge hen. Jeg mÃ¥ holde øje med vind og vejr.Jeg kunne have været gÃ¥et derop i dag, hvor jeg har gÃ¥et tur lige nedenfor bakken, men ser først din kommentar nu. Tak for det Fru Green! 🙂

  30. 31/08/2018 at 3:27

    “NO HANDS! She didn’t want to see who knew the answer because everyone was supposed to know, period. It was no rightwing/leftwing ideology battle, it was called “reality” folks. Try living in it once.

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    "the number of launches that had gone perfectly, ignoring the one that had just blown up"Ask Giuliani to remind you how there were no terrorist attacks while Bush was president.

  34. 31/08/2018 at 7:58

    Hi Guys ………..hope everyones fit and well, just thought I’d let you know I’m still stalking our Sexy Scot loool ……just joking, have a great week ………………. Tony MrT

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    This is a BABY, not an elderly patient. If you pause the clip at :03 you can clearly see the size of the torso and the ribcage, as well as someone elses hand at the edge of the screen on the right. It’s clearly a belly button, but since it’s a BABY it could be a fragment of the umbilicle stump that didn’t fall off all the way because of that loose skin caused by whatever operation left that scar.

  37. Why do I write this? So that you know all things have value, whether peace or war, health or sickness, poverty or plenty, for all things together work for your good, though the good I speak of is not the good most men understand. A change is coming, but not before the storm, and it is a mighty storm, and it will change the hearts of many, and then will the sun rise upon a new people with a new heart, and they will create the golden age, the age that cannot come until old hearts are destroyed.

  38. 31/08/2018 at 10:14

    Vix, you look absolutely incredible! Between the outfit and the photographs, you've made your look so utterly authentic and I agree with a comment above: your hair is lovely in this style!

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  42. 31/08/2018 at 12:05

    What utter bollocks!!!!….I’m not surprised your too ashamed to put your name to that!…..and if I was Amanda, I wouldn’t honour you with a reply……….and please do not speak for the AAS, we have total faith in Amanda’s actions and abilities to handle her private affairs ………………….Tony MrT

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  44. LOL! I don't think you missed a thing on totes!!! Like your ideas. I have a denim tote from Old Navy. Thought maybe to paint splatter it or soak bottom part in bleach. We'll see, this time of the year is so busy, don't know if I get to this project yet. xxmaya

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